Due to restructuring INDEX MS 32 C multispindle automatic CNC lathes (2006 Quantity 3) for sale.
Location : Melbourne, Autralia

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Hours of Production :
1st machine : 32160h,
2nd machine : 33900h,
3rd machine : 34000h

3x Used lathes INDEX MS32-C - Year 2006 double NCU equipped with:
1 Bar loader Iemca Sir for 4m bar 2006
Equipment listed below with a double NCU
CNC axes:
1.1X and Z
1.2Z and X
2.1Z and X
2.2X and Z
3.1X and Z
3.2X and Z
4.1X Y and Z
4.2X and Z
5.1X and Z
5.2X and Z
6.1X and Z
6.2X and Z

- Toolholders
- Artis tool effort control
- HP pump 60 bars / 40 liters
- Programmable inputs / outputs
- Pick-up with mandrel without oil threw spindle in the center
- Knoll chip conveyor
- Buchel smoke extractor
- Riedel cutting oil cooler
- WTO double stroke with 2 fixed tools, 1 rotary
- Part catcher
- Part conveyor belt

Packing & shipping quotation available

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