K'MX 632 DUO

Characteristics :

The MANURHIN K’MX 632 DUO is designed for productive machining of workpieces from bars with a maximum Ø of 32 mm and 36 mm (with bar modification).

The machine is equipped as standard with two electric spindles with a maximum speed of 10.000 rpm and a rotating guide bush synchronized with the main spindle via pulleys and belts. Six linear CNC axes (X1, X2, Y1, Y2, Z1, Z2), two rotary axes (C1, C2). The great advantage of this model is the ability to perform a parallel turning or milling with two tools simultaneously. The machine is very powerful in milling, the tool works with torque up to 32 Nm.


  • Max bar Ø 32 mm or Ø 36 mm

  • Speed 10.000 rpm on both spindles

  • Power of driven tools 2.3 kW

  • Motorized tool torque up to 32 Nm

  • Number of tools cutting simultaneously: 2 axial tools

  • Interchangeable and pre-adjustable quick-change cartridges


Technical data K'MX 632 DUO
Number of linear axes 6
Max. diameter of bar stock Ø Ø 32 mm (Ø 36 mm)
Spindle bore Ø 37 mm
Power of electrospindle motor (100/25%) - main 5,5/7,5 kW
Power of electrospindle motor (100/30%) - counter 3,7/5,5 kW
Max. spindle speed - main 10.000 tr/min
Max. spindle speed - counter 10.000 tr/min
Headstock stroke 410 mm
Number of CNC axes 6 + 2
Programming channels 2
Tools in cut at the same time max 2
Live tools power kW 2,3 kW

Numerical control FANUC

Options : C axis / Fire extinguisher / Fume extractor / Swarf conveyor / Guiding and device for long parts through sub spindle / High pressure cooling

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