Bar loaders

Multi - spindle loader
Bar loaders for single spindles
Bar feeders for swiss type lathe (coming soon)

Our bar feeders

For shippers :
Embarreur ONE 42 CUCCHI-BLT
One 42 S
Embarreur ONE 65 CUCCHI-BLT
One 65
Embarreur ONE 92 CUCCHI-BLT
One 92
Multi LS
MULTI-LS bar feeders have been designed to meet the space requirements in workshops.
Multi L
The MULTI-L bar loader, thanks to its thirty-year evolution, embodies reliability and performance in a single product.
Embarreur introducteur MULTI-F
Multi F
The MULTI-F is a modern multi-spindle bar feeder and is the ideal solution to meet the needs of stability at high spindle rotating speeds with bars of any diameter.
Embarreur ONE 42 CUCCHI-BLT
One 42

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